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History of La Puente Valley County Water District

Aerial view of La Puente Valley and Hacienda Heights area, 1935 [Courtesy of the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum]

The La Puente Valley County Water District has been providing water service to the community for over 90 years. The District was formed in August 1924 by popular vote, in accordance with the County Water District Act of 1913. On April 28, 1925, voters approved a general obligation bond issue for $135,000. Proceeds of the Bond were used to purchase the Puente City Water Company for $35,000 and to pay for the construction of almost five miles of sixteen and twenty inch water mains. The mains extend from the District’s Wellfield, located near Puente Avenue and Francisquito Avenue, to the Hudson Street Booster Plant and from there to the reservoirs located on Main Street in what was then the township of Puente. The last of the bonds were retired in 1964.

In its infancy, the District consisted of approximately 1,300 acres and 200 customers. The area was vastly different from what it is today. At that time, most of the water produced from the District’s Wellfield was delivered to meet agricultural irrigation needs of the valley. Over the years, the District has grown to approximately 1,600 acres and 2,500 customers.

To this day the District’s Wellfield continues to be the main source of supply to meet the needs of the District’s customers.

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