Water Rates and Charges

Proposed Adjustments to Water Rates 2023

La Puente Valley County Water District’s Board of Directors will conduct a Public Hearing to consider recommended adjustments to the District’s water service rates for the next five years. The Public Hearing will be held at 4:30pm on Monday, October 9, 2023 at 112 N. 1st Street La Puente, CA 91744.


  • The District is fortunate to have rights to a local groundwater source in the Main San Gabriel Basin. Anything we pump over our allotment must be replaced to maintain healthy water levels in the basin – either by leasing rights or purchasing imported water. The cost of this water has increased by over 23 percent in the last four years.


  • In addition to the cost of water increases, a new groundwater pumping assessment has been put into effect by the Main San Gabriel Watermaster in order to secure additional water resources to maintain water levels in the Basin. Although necessary, this assessment will have a large cost impact on all water providers that pump groundwater in the San Gabriel Valley.


  • The District continuously invests in capital improvement projects that improve the performance of the water system or extend the life of existing facilities and equipment to avoid more expensive emergency repairs. Recommended improvements have been identified in the District’s recently updated 10-year Water Master Plan, which prioritizes projects based on their benefit.

Past & Current Water Rates

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